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Love Wine-Tapas

We love your wine-tapas! Are you introducing a series in color soon so folks can create sets? That will be next on our order list!


Glad We Found These

Thank you so much! These wine glass toppers will look so much nicer than the coffee filters we use and will not blow away in the wind!


Thank You!

My husband bought one of your wine glass toppers at a winery near Granbury, TX, and has been in trouble ever since for only buying one, and then not remembering where! Glad I went online and found you.


Wine Glass Covers

We, like you, have tried every form of wine glass covers to keep those pesky gnats out of our wine. With our new Wine-Tapa’s, we will definitely spend more time enjoying the fine weather, and less time fishing bugs out of our wine. Thanks for elegantly solving a rather miserable problem!


Great Colors

I love the new wine-tapa colors!


Keeps Moths Out

One of my friends got me one, thinking we did not have bugs here in Scottsdale at night until she saw me covering up my glass. Those moths love wine! I had ordered two sets of wine glass covers. One set for me and one for my friend!


Works Great

I own a specialty wine shop on the Island of Kauai and one of my customers told me about your product. She received one of your wine glass covers as a gift for her daughter. What a great product!


Wine Glass Covers

I have been looking for something like these wine glass covers for a few years, having bought something a bit similar when on holiday in Germany. However, I much prefer the design of yours, and know they will go down a treat with friends.


Great Gifts

Can you believe I ordered 10 of your wine glass covers last month for Christmas gifts, and gave them all out and don’t have one for myself, so I had to order again so I could have one! Nice product!


Big Thanks!

I found these at the Calloway Winery in Temecula and then at Wiens Winery. They are so perfect for covering wine glasses, water glasses AND coffee cups for outdoor use! A BIG thanks to whoever invented these!! 😀


Love These

Love them..only wish places we frequent had them. We usually bring our own when outside.

John F

Works So Well

Bought a couple a few years ago & have never been able to find them again. Got more for us & some for friends. Nothing else works as well.


Great Product

We have been using the wine tapas here in the Hill Country of Texas for a number of years. Bugs are an issue here and we have found that wine tapas are not only nice to look at but become a conversation piece every time we have guests. The tapas have made really nice gifts for friends and family. They could easily be used as High School Reunion momentos and I do know they can be ordered with a custom logo to accompany any event. What a great Product!!

Kirby H

Wine Tapas

A friend named Ben introduces these to me a few years ago. Now, they are as much a part of enjoying the glass of wine as the wine is! Living in Louisiana, I even have to use a wine tapa inside my house at times! Thank you, Ben and thank you, Wine Tapa! ❤️

Penne L

Custom Wine Tapas

I have used the wine tapas for several years, and purchased many for gifts. So when my granddaughters shower was to be held in a wine cellar, I though perfect favor. Ben was an awesome gentleman to work with in designing the custom work. The wedding will take place in a barn in PA, and Ben was able to contact the owners of the barn and a picture of the barn was added to the wine tapa, along with the date and names of the bride and groom. Thank you so much Ben for all your help, and the wonderful wine tapas.

Ann W

Great Product

Great product but need to rename. Wine-Tapa’s are also great for coffee and tea. Keeps them hot but the steam can escape. Also great for drinking sodas outside. Bee’s, bugs and stuff love to get in an un-Tapa’d drink. I also use mine at night for my glass of water beside my bed. You don’t have to worry about flying bugs getting into your drink when it’s dark and you can’t see anything. Great simple product!!

Dinty Moore

Thank You!

Bought two of these at Four Point Cellars in TX. They are perfect for drinking outside and protecting the wine from the darn bugs. Nothing worse that picking up your wine glass and seeing a couple of bugs doing backstrokes! So I am now placing an order with my cheese companies logo and will give them as a little gift to my customers.