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Graphite, Hot Pink, Sky Blue, Wed, White Wine-Tapa

When Barb & I moved from Northern California to South Texas in 2001, we soon learned we had to be more careful with our patio wine drinking routine.  We began to experience what so many others do- “Hey, there’s a bug in my wine!”  In my research I learned that the attraction of bugs and insects to wine was an ages old problem. There is even reference to it in scripture (Matthew 23:24).  Anyway, we began improvising protection using things such as napkins, coffee filters and cd cases to cover our wine glasses, but nothing worked well.

I made the first prototype of the wine glass protector from cut-out cardboard and fiberglass window screen. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked.  So the dream took off from there, and after much effort, engineering and refinement we offer you today’s Wine-Tapa®.  We believe it’s attractive, subtle and effective.  As one of our customers said, “Thanks for elegantly solving a rather miserable problem!”

Why “Tapa”?

Underside View of Wine-Tapa

“Spain’s famed tapas were developed in the 19th century in Andalusia in southern Spain. Andalusia is sherry country, and the story is that drinkers in local taverns took to placing slices of bread atop their glasses between sips to keep the flies out (tapas derives from the verb tapar which means “to cover”).” – The Joy of Cooking

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Wine Tapas

A friend named Ben introduces these to me a few years ago. Now, they are as much a part of enjoying the glass of wine as the wine is! Living

Penne L