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Pest & Debris-Free! Our Wine-Tapa offers complete protection for your drink. This wine glass cover sits conveniently atop your wine glass and protects against bugs getting into your glass! Our Wine-Tapas make for great wine gifts for any wine lover in your life.
Wide Color Selection These wine glass covers come in a variety of colors to match your preferences. Whether you want your wine glass covers to match your kitchen, the colors of your favorite sports team, or just your favorite color in general, we have a wide assortment of colors for you to pick from.
Lets You Relax This new wine accessory can be used to keep your wine as unspoiled as it was just poured out of the bottle. It will prevent any outdoor “invaders” such as gnats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, moths, midges, Aussie Flies or “noseeums” from getting inside your drink!
Unique Wine Gift The Wine-Tapa makes for a great wine gift for any wine enthusiast in your life. It’s the perfect wine lover’s stocking stuffer. Our wine glass covers are available in a variety of colors. You can also conveniently purchase the Wine-Tapa online by clicking on “Buy Now”!
Customize It! Whether you’re looking for a unique corporate giveaway for your clients and prospects, or planning a wedding, birthday, anniversary or other special celebration, customize wine-tapa’s with your logo/message for a special, useful commemorative item!
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Introducing The Wine-Tapa

wine-tapa-wine-accessories"When Barb and I moved from Northern California to South Texas in 2001, we soon learned we had to be more careful with our patio wine drinking routine. We began to experience what so many others do— the old “Hey, there’s a bug in my wine!”. We began improvising protection using things such as napkins, coffee filters and cd cases to cover our glasses, but nothing worked well.

I made the first wine-tapa from cut-out cardboard and fiberglass window screen. To our amazement, it worked. So the dream took off from there, and after much effort, engineering and refinement we offer you today’s wine-tapa. We believe it’s attractive, subtle and effective. As one of our customers said, “Thanks for elegantly solving a rather miserable problem!” We agree.

--Ben Singleton

The Wine-Tapa

Keep your wine gnat-free!


It’s long been a known fact that wine attracts bugs, gnats, fruit flies and other unwanted invaders. There’s even reference in scripture to the practice of straining gnats out of wine (Matthew 23 : 24). Setting aside a glass of wine has even been recommended for isolating gnats at outdoor gatherings. Of the estimated 48 million U.S. adults who call themselves wine drinkers, most occasionally enjoy a glass of wine in some outdoor venue. When they do, they have probably experienced having their glass of wine invaded and ruined by a gnat, mosquito, bug or debris. It happens…all the time!

The only solution is to prevent the intruders from entering the glass in the first place. How? Currently, wine drinkers improvise by using cocktail napkins, or if it’s breezy, maybe a paper plate, cd case, paperback book, coaster, coffee saucer or upside down coffee filter.  The problem is, none of these items are reliable for the purpose. They’re either too light and get blown off, or uneven so they let gnats in anyway, or too heavy or unstable and can damage the glass, or they’re too dense or solid, so the glass begins to sweat inside and it sours the wine.

The solution is the Wine-Tapa wine glass cover. It’s made of hard plastic, is a little over 4 inches in diameter and about a half-inch deep.  Its center is a 2-inch diameter opening, consisting of very dense stainless steel mesh. Its underside contains an inch-wide foam rubber gasket around the outer perimeter.  This gasket serves basically three purposes:

  1. It’s soft so that it won’t chip the rim of the glass.
  2. It’s pliable so it forms to the rim of the glass, creating a secure seal.
  3. The material has enough grip to it that the wine-tapa won’t slide around atop the glass. 

This is especially important, because it allows the Wine-Tapa to be produced in one size. Because the gasket is an inch wide, it can accommodate wine glasses whose rims are from two to four inches in diameter. Importantly, the center opening on the wine cover allows the wine to continue to breathe and decant, without allowing any unwanted intrusion. This little wine glass topper is discreet, attractive and most of all functional! Never worry about getting bugs in your wine again!

Please contact us for more information about our wine tapas and how to purchase them. We look forward to speaking with you soon!